I throw and turn my vessels on the wheel in my garden studio in Oxford. I use porcelain because I love its combination of delicacy and strength. My work is both functional and decorative; the bowls, cups, vases and jugs are thrown thinly and are often inspired by the classic shapes of oriental ceramics, but they have a contemporary feel of their own.


I relish exploring a palette of serene glaze colours and textures, and trying to find a variety of surfaces that complement the simplicity of the forms. My aim is to combine beauty with function, creating quiet, thoughtfully made ceramics that can be enjoyed by being used every day. 

I enjoy the way pots look when grouped together, the shapes and shadows between the forms, and the relationship between their colours and textures. My ceramics can be enjoyed as single pieces, but they seem also to complement each other when combined in small groups. I also enjoy how a good pot feels when weighed in the hand, that sense of balance that tells you when it’s right.

My business is fairly new, so I was delighted when Sue Pryke, master potter and judge on tv's 'Great Pottery Throwdown', said of my work recently on Instagram: 'Quiet thrown functional ceramics, beautiful form and palette. Definitely a name to watch!'

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2020, an unusual year

All the craft festivals and shows for 2020 have been cancelled because of the pandemic, creating real challenges for makers, but the craft community has responded with many wonderful virtual festivals and exhibitions. I am taking part in several of these events and it would be wonderful if they could have your support. 



My background

Making ceramics is something I wanted to do for a long time. I have always loved porcelain, especially oriental ceramics, and realised I really wanted to understand more about how they were made. I eventually attended a part-time course at Oxford City College for three years, before setting up my own studio at home.

I am an Associate Member of the Oxfordshire Crafts Guild.

A few testimonials

'I'm absolutely thrilled with my beautiful new vase, thank you!' Kate

'My moon jar arrived on Saturday and it's absolutely beautiful! It's on my mantelpiece. Thank you!' Debbie

'The bowls arrived safely and are beautiful, thank you.' Claire

'I love the natural look of the vase that will match any flower without competing for attention.' Lana

'My bowl is absolutely perfect! My mother was a potter and I’ve always loved a beautiful shape.' Rona