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I throw my vessels on the wheel in my garden studio in Oxford. I make with porcelain, for its delicacy and strength, and the pure surface it offers for a glaze. My pieces are thrown thinly, and while their forms are often inspired by classic ceramics of the Far East they have a contemporary quality of their own. I appreciate the subtle beauty in simplicity and an attention to every detail.


I relish exploring a palette of serene glaze colours and textures, a variety of surfaces to complement the restrained forms. This is always an ongoing process; the thrill of experiment and discovery is one of the greatest rewards in making.

I enjoy the way pots look when grouped together, the shapes and shadows between the forms, and the relationship between their colours and textures.  I also enjoy how a good pot feels when weighed in the hand, that sense of balance that tells you when it’s right.

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'Quiet thrown functional ceramics, beautiful form and palette. Definitely a name to watch!'

Sue Pryke, master potter and judge on tv's 'Great Pottery Throwdown', via Instagram

My story

I have always loved porcelain, especially oriental ceramics, and wanted to explore the apparent mystery of how they were made. After a 3-year course at Oxford City College I set up my own studio at home. Since then, I have been developing my portfolio of work and learning every day. There are images of my making process in the Gallery.

I was filmed talking about my work for the Digital Craft Festival in November 2020 and the video is accessible here (my segment is about 6 minutes into the film).

I am a member of Find a Maker, the curated collection of fine craft makers, the Oxfordshire Craft Guild, London Potters and the Crafts Council Directory.


I really enjoy meeting people at craft festivals and shows, to share our interest in pots. You can find out more about my upcoming events here.

A few testimonials

'Tenderness and resilience in porcelain. The art and science of the potter echoes shown here cause me to reflect on how the two are inextricably combined. These pieces have a humanity, and give one pause for thought on how it can be expressed in many ways.' Margaret M. 

'My goodness I am staring right now at the world's most beautiful bowls - enigmatic, perfect and unbelievably wonderful to own. Thank you so much for them.' Thank-you letter to someone who gave them as a wedding present

'The bowl has arrived and it's really quite stunning. It's staggeringly simple yet strong and gently shows the proof of how it was turned.' Greg

'Your beautiful pot has just arrived and it is even better than it looked in the photo, and so beautifully wrapped. I am delighted!' Lesley

'My moon jar has arrived and I love it. It feels great in the hand, the glaze is gorgeous, and the lines speak to me.' Martha

'My bowl is absolutely perfect! My mother was a potter and I’ve always loved a beautiful shape.' Rona


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