Click to see full-size images and captions. Below are some step-by-step images of my making process.

my makers mark goes on every piece
The timeless form of porcelain moon jars
Porcelain cylinder vases
pieces to be part of everyday life
Freeform slip decoration adds a dynamic to a pourer
handmade black porcelain pourer with speckled clear glaze
the rims of the cylinder vases are subtly inverted
handmade porcelain moon jars and cylinder vases before firing
Handmade porcelain footed bowl
Bowls to use every day
Handmade porcelain bowl
Porcelain footed bowl
my makers mark goes on every piece of porcelain
Handmade porcelain pourers
Handmade porcelain cups with a moon vase
Porcelain tea cup

The stages in making a large bowl

5lb of porcelain on the wheel
the clay is centred on the wheel
the clay is opened out
the finished form
turning to refine the form
clay is trimmed away from the base using sharp tools
finishing touches
the finished bowl